Thank you for your interest in our products and their use in the management of your patients' pain. We are committed to helping you help your patients by avoiding or reducing the need for opioids or other prescription medications and their potential side effects.

Here at Topical Pain Solutions, we are glad to offer our help on coding, billing, and insurance issues. Your coding, billing, and collection experience with our products should be straightforward. However, as is sometimes the case, we have found not all payors or insurance may pay on time as they should.

TPS offers help with payers. The most straight-forward payment scenario is found with motor vehicle insurance, either utilizing the patients' Personal Injury Protection policy (PIP), the at-fault driver's liability policy, or the patient’s UIM policy (un- or underinsured policy). This scenario will usually pay the Average Wholesale Price (AWP). Often your patient will have an attorney who will be helpful, especially if the PIP insurance is exhausted.

It is important to document in your clinical notes that your service or product is reasonable and necessary in the treatment of your patient and is required as a result of the motor vehicle collision. If the patient has already received the product, and you are reassessing the patient and are wanting to replenish the product, state that the patient, if true, has benefitted and has less pain and enhanced functional capacity as a result of using the product. Again, adding that the need for the product is required as a result of the motor vehicle collision will help to ensure proper payment.

Please see the specific coding and billing recommendations below and feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your interest in our products.